Mastro Gel

It’s not simple to run a business of ice cream, but you can make it much simpler with Mastro’s help. Mastro will ease down the pace of your shop and help you keep up with orders without reducing standards through high-quality ice cream powder mixes: suppliers like us are not just suppliers, but advocates of taste all around the world. We strive to preserve the tradition of gelato while also breaking frontiers and adapting our products to the taste of international consumers: take a look at this section to discover everything we can supply your ice cream parlour, wherever in the world you are. Powder mixes are long-life products that can be conveniently shipped everywhere and stored for stretches of time that range from several months to a bunch of years, and readily used on the spot when need be. Explore the maze of Mastro’s products and get in touch for tailored quotes & info!


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