Is your ice-cream parlour time-efficient enough? Nothing can beat the convenience of a complete ice-cream base: a pre-made powder mix where all the ingredients – milk, egg yolks, sugars, stabilisers and emulsifiers – are blended together with a perfect balance so to ensure that the final product, namely your American-style ice cream or delicious gelato, has the right texture and feels smooth, spot-on cold and pleasant to the palate. In our Original line, you can appreciate all the shades of flavour of chocolate from velvety white to intensely dark, alongside with espresso, coconut and American cheesecake. The most voluptuous, gentle caress for your customers’ taste buds, a range of products made with the finest Italian ingredients and cutting-edge technology that keeps their original aromas intact. If you’re a business owner seeking a reliable ice-cream powder supplier, have a chat with Mastro!

Complete Original Bases

Fior di Latte


For a quick and easy "fior di latte " gelato ready to marble or enjoy as it is.

Cheese Cake


From the famous american cheesecake a complete base to create your gelato.

Espresso Caffè


For your gelato with a classic Italian espresso flavor, to be prepared quickly and easily.

Choco Dark Red Brown


The perfect base to create your chocolate gelato with reddish and fruity touch.

Choco Extra Dark Fondente


An intense and delicious Extra Dark chocolate.

Choco Santo Domingo


Coming from Santo Domingo cocoa for a complete and balanced base for your gelato.

Choco Bianco


The way to have a delicious white chocolate gelato.

Choco Latte


For a quick and easy milk chocolate gelato.



Make your own coconut gelato quickly and easily.



A quick and easy gelato with a special pumpkin and amaretto flavor.