Mastro 1985


At Mastro, ice-cream bases are no joke. The long path that takes from our ice-cream mix formulation and processing to your customers eating a thoroughly balanced and structured ice cream is an artisanal job of its own: having passed our quality controls (and we set no easy standards!), ingredients are put under a lens and examined in the way they interact with each other. In fact, there are rules to follow: not enough proteins means that the ice cream won’t be as creamy as we want it to be; sugar helps it have the right temperature, so that your customers won’t experience the agonising feeling of a brain freeze when they eat it; fats, like milk, prevent ice crystals from forming; thickeners and emulsifiers bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

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All of our ice-cream formulas are born this way – they are thoroughly trained hard labourers who won’t fail you in your daily work at your ice-cream parlour. Mastros of reproducibility – all your ice creams will in fact have the exact same texture, consistency, and creaminess. And save you lots of time. Which equals revenues.

But. There’s a “but”.

How about distancing yourself even more from the competition through a product that’s specifically designed for you and your customers’ tastes?

How about an all-vegan ice-cream parlour? Or one offering low-sugar gelato only? What if your customers love softies more, but want to stay clear of industrial products?

We dream big. And so should you, because we have the way of making all your dreams turn real.

It’s called custom ice-cream formula, and here’s how we do that.

Based on your requirements, we develop a fully customised product that suits the peculiar profile of your customers and also lets you express your own creativity. You put your ideas on the table, and we turn them into consumable goods by deploying all the techniques and knowledge we’ve developed over the decades. We partner with Gelatitalia, a specialist Italian supplier and producer, and add our own insights obtained through market researching from far West to far East.

Whether it is a matter of trends in taste, dietary restrictions or allergies, we’re ready to serve you the perfect bases for your ice-cream business.

Here’s an example of what kind information we would like to collect from you:

  1. The main ingredients to use and their doses – if you want soy milk, soy milk you’ll have;
  2. The processing method, either cold or hot – because you may not be equipped to do both;
  3. The nutritional values – because people aren’t all alike;
  4. The tweaks you care about – tell us how to aid and abet your war against lactose, fats, sugars, animal-based products, or anything else you DON’T want to include in your products. Or possibly DO want even more.

Does it look overcomplicated? Just tell us your ideas, and we’ll get you through it.

This is where you ask us if it’s worth to have an ice cream formula.

Come again? Are you serious? 

Well, for starters you’ll make and sell an artisanal gelato or ice cream that’s only yours. Nobody else can have it. And it will be made not just with passion – loads of passion -, but with science as well: nutritional science, chemistry, and the help of an exclusive balancing software. Built from scratch, your own ice-cream formula will help you develop your own commercial dreams and gain excellence in the niche you want to take for yourself.

Secondly, we use cutting-edge manufacturing facilities that have been in business for over 30 years, run by people who really know their job. Plus, we’re Italian – and even though we didn’t invent ice cream, we know a thing or two.

Thirdly, pre-made mixes help you prepare your line in the easiest and quickest way possible. They’re time-efficient, they reduce errors, therefore avoiding waste, and consequently scale up your incomes.