Mastro Horeca

Looking for a reliable wholesale restaurant & coffee shop supplier who can support you with personalised orders and products, guarantee first-rate ingredients tracked from field to table, and give you assistance 24/7 even from afar? Say goodbye to the bad surprises you’ve had so far: Mastro sticks with you through thick and thin with a spot-on customer service and premium professional supplies for the catering industry. Mastro Horeca is our line of products dedicated to hotels, restaurants and other catering outlets: it includes all the must-have pre-made mixes required to ascend to the heaven of baristas – alongside with powder tea, chocolate and slushies, we offer you the best of the Italian coffee shop tradition with a range of pre-made mixes to prepare fantastic pastries, cakes and custards that taste fresh and delicious. Check out our out-of-the-world offer and get in touch with our staff for any doubts: they’ll be happy to be buried under an avalanche of queries!


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