Cream & Sorbet

Already scorching hot outside and no clue as to how to substitute your greasy-as-sin chocolate cakes with something more summery? Mastro has your back with this selection of ready-made powder mixes for cold creams and sorbets: coming in a coffee or lemon flavour, they will make the perfect dessert, refreshener or afternoon snack for your sunburnt customers. They only need mixing with water or whole milk and cream, so you can prepare them very quickly even at rush hour and serve them to your clients straightaway. Thanks to a tried and tested kind of processing, we infuse into these powders eternal life – or something that comes at least very close to it, from the viewpoint of catering supplies: from a minimum of 24 months up to 36 months. Now chop, chop: get in touch with us for a personalised order for your retail or wholesale catering business!

Cold Creams and Sorbets

Cream & Sorbet


The intense taste of coffee in a simple and creamy cream.

Caffè Mix


Simple and super creamy, a coffee cream to taste and delight.



Perfect combination of creaminess and freshness in a delicious lemon sorbet.