Our founder Cosimo Piscioneri spent fifteen years working as a consultant, and managing renown companies in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, made decision to start brand of his own to prefect businesses abroad to further develop.

Through a wide range of high-quality ingredients and mixes for the preparation of ice cream, gelato and baked goods, as well as a supplies of Ho.Re.Ca. products and solutions made with the indispensable support of Granulati-Italia Spa, an Italian-based benchmark company, together we reach retailers and wholesalers across the world helping foster their growth, bring brand awareness and target audience.


A range of wholesale baking mixes and supplies providing you with the ultimate time-savers for the preparation of Italian signature desserts. Made with cutting-edge technologies that help preserve the original aromas of the mesmerising raw materials we employ, they will make your job easier while also ensuring customer satisfaction.


Take a good look at our fully detailed catalogues: we can’t wait to answer all your questions about them!


Through our you can find all you need, but if you are looking for something yours, completely dedicated to your business, simply contact us!

We can provide you with customized formulas developed specifically to comply with your business and requirements set by you!
Mastro will help distance you from competition with a product uniquely designed for the audience you want to target.
Mastro can offer an incredible variety of ingredients that include plant based, low sugar and gluten free. We will develop the final texture and creaminess of the ice cream of your desire.

We pride ourselves on creating new and innovative products. What you ask for, we can make it happen.