Mastro Ice Cream Bases

Always hurrying to keep up with orders? Willing to try an unabridged version of the Italian gelato in your ice-cream parlour? Our ice-cream bases for professional ice-cream makers have our ancestors’ seal of approval because we use completely traced Italian ingredients, process them in Italian plants and supply customers with recipes with the same loving attitude of the classic Italian momma. The range even includes plant-based gelato bases for customers who can’t or won’t eat a milk-based ice cream, alongside with low-sugar ice cream bases for diabetic people. But the best thing is that you will really cut on preparation time and waste a lot less materials in the making of your artisanal ice cream or gelato – so how about you give these gelato bases a try? Take a look at the options available or contact us if you would like to go for a customised product. Mastro will reach you wherever you are in the world!


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