The 100’s

The 100’s are an incredible asset when it comes to creating custard-based ice creams. Mix them with whole milk to get the most incredible, smoothest Italian-style gelato you can imagine. These ice-cream milk bases are internationally recognised for their versatility and incredible creaminess, given by a wise balancing or milk proteins, fibres and sugars, with no additives or other creepy things you don’t want your customers to eat. They have a bomb-proof structure, airy and full-bodied at the same time, like the marshmallows you lie on in your dreams. No hydrogenated fats, high performances, no artificial aromas in a 100% natural Italian gelato base that feels smooth on the palate and so creamy your customers will queue again to get another scoop. Ask us for a quote or more information: we will be happy to help you walk the stairway to the heaven of ice-cream makers!

Gelato Bases 100

The 100’s
Bianca 100


Mastro Base Bianca 100 has an irresistible creaminess, with only vegetable fats and with a tasteful milk flavour to enhance even more the taste of your gelato.

Cremosa 100


Mastro Base Cremosa 100 has a very high versatility, only with refined fats for an incredible creamy structure, with NO aromas to enhance every single flavor of gelato.

Natura 100


Mastro Base Natura 100 is made with natural ingredients, NO fats and NO aromas, for a fresh, creamy and natural gelato.

Pannosa 100


Mastro Base Pannosa 100 has a very good compact and creamy structure, ideal for a high performance gelato and with a delicious creamy taste.

Gustosa 100


Mastro Base Gustosa 100 has a beautiful creamy structure, ideal base for a high perfomance gelato, with a delicious vanilla and milk taste.

Friolosa 100


Mastro Base Friolosa 100 has a very high versatility. Your time is precious, so here's the right base for you that can be used in both process cold and hot, with a perfect creamy structure and with a delicate vanilla taste.

Latte 100


Mastro Base Latte 100 is perfect for a creamy and smooth structure gelato with a rich and wonderful milky taste.

Super Cremosa 100


Mastro Base Super Cremosa 100 is a base without hydrogenated fats, completely free from aromas and it has a clear characteristic: the creaminess!