Mastro Garnish

There’s more to a good dessert than meets the eye, but looks matter too! Get a WOW effect with NO colour at all with Mastro Garnish line of toppings and garnishes for ice creams: our range comprises chocolate glazes for cakes, cream and cookie toppings and a whole catalogue of fruit toppings also available in a glitter version. You can also tap into a treasure trove of crumble toppings, pralines and sprinkles made with genuine, fresh ingredients processed in modern plants so as to give you a very long shelf life and reduce the need to stock up frequently. Not only are they a gorgeous decoration for ice creams, as well as pancakes, cheesecakes and baked goods, but most of them are also lactose- and gluten-free, so they can be safely served to allergic and intolerant customers! Browse the products in this category and contact us for any further enquiry.


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