Mastro Chef

Mastro1985’s range of wholesale baking mixes and supplies provides you with first-rate pre-made baking mixes for the preparation of Italian signature desserts like tiramisu, velvety custards to fill your pastries and delicious parfaits with a perfect firm consistency and smooth texture. Name whatever cake you want to prepare, Mastro has the right powder mix just for you: looking out for a soft sponge cake, a fragrant shortcrust pastry, a most sweet meringue? Or a scrumptious soufflé filled with chocolate & wonder? You name it, we have it. Mastro also treats you will a full catalogue of powdered glazes, syrups and fillings for you to bring on the best garnishes and decorations you’ve ever seen on a dessert. You can buy bulk baking supplies for your own bakery or ice-cream parlour, as well as for importing and reselling purposes, with no worries about shelf life, because our products live long and prosper: from a minimum of 12 up to 36 months. And if you’re a first-timer with us, don’t panic: recipes are always included – you will become a Mastro in the blink of an eye.


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