Syrup Cake

No sponge cake will ever be hung out to dry again with this treasure trove of cake syrups: drizzle them on your sponge bases and see how better they blend with the custards, creams and other ingredients you layer up on your desserts. Mastro’s range is an Italian grandma’s textbook pantry, with scents of rum, vanilla, alkermes and maraschino – the most common alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices in professional and home baking alike. We sourced the ingredients for these cake syrups from the best producers and gave them the right consistency and balance of sugars to make them palatable for everyone: not too sweet, not too alcoholic, but definitely the best of both worlds. Another good thing is that you can also store them for a very long time, shelf life being 36 months for all our products – so you can make big stocks for your shop or the clients who are going to purchase them for their activities in their country. Contact us for info on shipping & delivery!

Cake Syrups

Syrup Cake
Syrup Cake Alkermes


Syrups for cakes Alkermes.

Syrup Cake Campania


Syrups for cakes Campania.

Syrup Cake Rhum


Syrups for cakes Rhum.

Syrup Cake Maraschino


Syrups for cakes Maraschino.

Syrup Cake Vanilla


Syrups for cakes Vanilla.