Mastro Pastryccio

Looking for wholesale bakery supply distributors shipping to your country? Fancy some genuine Italian products made with painstaking care and tracked ingredients? Mastro Pastryccio – from ‘pastry’ and ‘pasticcio’, hash – is the ultimate toolkit for wannabe and professional bakers who want to take over the world with an army of delectable treats stemming from the hands of true Italian Masters. Get your hands dirty with our baking mixes: the ultimate tools of the trade to prepare top-notch creams, custards, shortcrust pastries, sponge cakes with first-rate decorations, syrups (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and glazes. Mastro’s wholesale cake supplies come in convenient boxes, long shelf-life and clear recipes that will set you on the right path so that you can learn how to fly solo. All allergens are clearly marked on the packages and we have special gluten-free mixes made in separate labs for gluten-sensitive and allergic consumers. Write us up for more info, our support team will contact you shortly!


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