Creamy & Moussy

Custards and mousses are the best if you’re whipping up some last-minute dessert, but it’s no joke to make them quick! Measure out just one ingredient wrong and the magic’s gone forever. Mastro’s bases for custards and mousses, though, always have your back: our little elves balance these powder mixes thoroughly so to get you semi-finished products that you only need to mix with few more ingredients – usually milk or cream and flour – to get great desserts. The range includes parfaits in different flavours, versatile mousses , cold- or hot-method instant custard powders and *drum roll* Catalan cream and tiramisu mixes! Use them as standalone desserts or create juicy sauces to go over puddings, cakes and other dessert, garnished with fresh fruit or one of our crunchy toppings. You can even use them in savoury preparations such as quiches. You don’t know the length we would go to get you the best ingredients on the planet: custards are a serious matter for us!

Custards & Mousses Mix Powders

Creamy & Moussy


Create delicious cold desserts and enjoy giving them the taste you prefer.

Semifreddo Chocolate


For a delicious and creamy chocolate cold dessert.

Semifreddo Yogurt


The delicious and creamy taste of yogurt for a fantastic cold dessert.

Mastro Mousse


Just one product for you: create Mousse , bavarian, semicold or even whipped cream.

Pastry Fast Cream


Create an excellent pastry cream with the addition of milk.

Pastry Hot Cream


Create an excellent pastry cream with the addition of milk.

Pastry Italian Cream


Create your delicious custard.

Tiramisù Easy Cream


Create an excellent cream with the typical flavor of mascarpone quickly.

Catalan Cream


Make your delicious catalan cream.

Tiramisù Fresh Cream


Create an excellent tiramisu cream with adding just some fresh cream anche some mascarpone cheese.