Mastro Bakery

Got your kneading machine and rolling pin ready? Fixed your apron and hat? Well, you can stove them away, roll down your sleeves and take it easy now: Mastro Bakery serves you with the ultimate time-saver in the shape of professional cake mixes to create delicious shortcrust pastries, meringues, creamy-hearted souffles, sponge cakes and chocolate cakes, with gluten-free cake mixes also available. We won’t leave you all alone on the threshold of baking, though: not only are recipes attached to each product to guide you through the wonders of PRO baking, but we provide you with a complete toolkit to create game-changing desserts, including syrups to wet and flavour your sponge cakes. All the ingredients we employ are sourced from tracked Italian producers and we ship and offer support to customers from all over the world: ask us more if you would like us to develop a custom product for a special market or if you need a quote.


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