Give an Italian twist to your baked goods with Mastro1985’s baking supplies – powder mixes to create heart-warming desserts just like your grandma did. All these products can be stored for something very close to eternity (up to 24 months), but we can assure you’re going to need a restock before that anyway. Is this just ordinary Italian cockiness? Of course not, but we definitely pride in the quality of our professional cake mixes: our founder Cosimo makes it a point of checking on every batch we make, having all traceability information constantly updated and interviewing suppliers in order to choose just the best ingredients; his eyes are always teary when he kisses our boxes goodbye, but he’s happy they’re going to end up in the hands of a caring baker who just wants to make clients happy! Be part of this all-Italian revolution of taste: have a nosey at the range of shortcrust pastry, sponge cake and cookie mixes and send us a message to get support from our team of gluttons.

Cake Mix Powders

Sponge Cake Choco Mix


For a cake with an exquisite and soft cocoa sponge cake.

Sponge Cake Mix


For a cake with an exquisite and soft sponge cake.

Frolla Mix


Create a delicious and tasty shortcrust pastry for your cakes.

Frolla Mix Gluten free


Finally a delicious gluten-free shortcrust pastry.

Meringa Mix


Prepare your meringue quickly and easily and use it in all of yours recipes.

Chocolate Cake Mix


The chocolaty goodness of a chocolate cake made by you in a quick and easy way.

Choco Soufflè Mix


For your souffle' with a warm and creamy "heart" of chocolate.