The 50’s

Rock your ice creams with The 50’s, our traditional line of ice-cream bases that gets you a perfectly creamy, smooth artisanal gelato with a gentle taste. The ingredients in our ice-cream bases do not comprise hydrogenated fats, so they are a pretty healthy alternative to the kind of products you find on the market. Ensuring long-lasting performances both in the dipping cabinet and on your lazy children-customers’ scoops, they allow great versatility to all wannabe ice-cream masters out there. Test your ice-cream making skills and scour the catalogue of Mastro’s gelato bases 50: alongside with classic milk-based products to be processed with the hot method technique, you will also find a fruit base 50 devoid of any dairy products that you can work with the cold method. Together with these products you will get a ton of instructions for you to learn how to master them!

Gelato Bases 50

The 50’s
Premium 50


Mastro Base Premium 50 is the perfect base to obtain a creamy, tasty and soft gelato without vegetable nor milk fats and with a gentle and delicious vanilla taste.

Latte 50


Mastro Base Latte 50 is compact and delicate, without hydrogenated nor milk fats. The right combination for a deliciously flavored milky base .

Pannosa 50


Mastro Base Pannosa 50 has an excellent structure, without hydrogenated fats, ideal for a high performance gelato and with a delicate creamy and milky taste.

Frutta 50


Mastro Base Frutta 50 is the traditional base to create your own fruit gelato sorbet syrup, without hydrogenated fats and with a great versatility.

Frutta Freddo 50


Mastro Base Frutta Freddo 50 is without dairy products and it work perfectly in cold process. Make your sorbet with a creamy gelato structure and surprisingly smooth texture.