It’s no joke making artisanal ice cream from scratch: the careful balance of all the ingredients at stake makes it impossible to improvise and just see where things lead you. A complete gelato base, though, can help you set the right path and give your ice-cream parlour a much more professional outlook: by resorting to them, you will be able to guarantee returning clients the same taste that won them over the first time they entered your shop; likewise, if your business is already up and running, these products will help you simplify and pace the workflow up. Gelato/ice cream powder mixes come in different shapes and sizes to help you build an inclusive commercial offer: lactose-free bases, additives-free bases, but most of all painstakingly balanced bases so to offer your clients an unparalleled taste experience. An impossibly long shelf life (up to 36 months, with no shady tricks!) caps this parade of awesomeness up, but if you’re still undecided Mastro will be happy to give you plenty more reasons to get a bunch of our Easy ice-cream complete bases for your ice-cream parlour: contact us!

Easy Complete

E - Free


Mastro Base E - Free is a real clean label product, easy to make and completely free from aromas and free from food additives "E".

Frutta Mix


Mastro Base Frutta Mix is a ready balanced sorbet base. Pick your fresh fruit and mix with water for a tasty and delicious gelato sorbet.

Gelato mix


Mastro Base Gelato Mix is balanced to give stability to your quality and to your business. A ready gelato base easy to use in which you can add every flavor paste and then just mix with water.

Lactose Free


Mastro Base Lactose Free is a balanced base, easy to use and with a creamy structure for a gelato without lactose. The right base for lactose intolerance.



Mastro Base NSA is a ready balanced gelato base, easy to make and with No sugar added.