Mastro Paste

Missing the final touch to get a real master’s artisanal gelato? Gelato pastes awake the kraken in your ice cream: they’re the cherry on top, the yummy detail that makes everyone cave. Don’t know anything about them? Well, they’re ready-made fluid products that you can mix to your artisanal ice cream to enhance its flavour and/or change its consistency, for example by choosing a paste with crunchy details (e.g. one with nuts). At Mastro, we make them with GMO-free raw materials sourced from Italian producers. They allow you to offer certain seasonal flavours all-year-round, while otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do that, and you can use them in a range of different desserts: apart from ice cream, also parfaits, mousses and all the pies and cakes you can bake off! Discover the full range of pastes for gelato and desserts and contact us for more info about shipping or to place an order!


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