Vanilla is the new black: it goes with absolutely everything and it never tires, so why not let us make it your secret weapon? With no colourants whatsoever, Mastro1985’s selection of vanilla-flavoured pastes for gelato, ice cream and other desserts is what you need to conjure all the intense, mellow aroma of the most precious white flower of all. For these high-concentration pastes we picked only the best vanilla beans from premium cultivations in Tahiti and Madagascar: rich in vanilla beans and super easy to mix to any dessert base or cream, they’re definitely not grudging in flavour and will enhance the outcome of all preparations. Discover our intense vanilla bean pastes to flavour all your desserts on this page and browse the rest of our catalogue to get new ideas for your business. We’re ready to support you with personalised orders and any other enquiry: don’t be shy, give us a shout!

Vanilla Pastes

Vanilla Tahiti


Delicious vanilla paste of Tahitian origin with vanilla beans.

The Bourbon Vanilla


Extremely fine bourbon vanilla, with vanilla beans for an intense flavor like the famous vanilla of the Île De la Reunion.

Vanilla White


Natural Tahitian vanilla paste without colorants and rich in vanilla beans.