We like to consider pistachio the caviar of all nuts. It makes any dessert glow – ice creams, cheesecakes, tarts, crumbles, cannoli. It’s perfect the way it was born: sweet, aromatic, bold. That’s why, dear dessert, you can consider yourself lucky if you ever stumble in a pistachio paste: it will make your whole existence worthier. That’s why we’ve deployed a whole range of pistachio pastes for ice creams, gelato and desserts: they convey all the aroma of pure, toasted pistachio sourced from premium producers located mainly in Sicily – lulled by the sound of waves and warmed by the Mediterranean sun, these full-flavoured pistachios found a new life in Mastro’s line of refined pistachio pastes, either pure or mixed with almonds or dried fruits, and are now going to make your desserts special. It’s a one-way ticket to heaven for all your customers: you’ve been warned!

Pistachio Pastes

Pistacchio Puro


100% Pure Pistachio paste, lightly green

Pistacchio Nuts


Pistachio-flavored paste, made from a mixture of pistachios and dried fruit.

Pistacchio Vero


Real pistachio paste with green color and with an accurate selection of pistachios from Mediterranean region.

Pistacchio Puro Nature


100% pure paste of selected, toasted and refined pistachios for a product with a strong flavor, without colorants.

Pistacchio Puro Siciliano


100% pure pistachio paste from Sicilian origin.



Traditional almond-flavored pistachio paste.