Looking for a way to push that hearty nut flavour to the stars and beyond? Your artisanal ice creams are going to humbly thank you with these smooth hazelnut pastes! Made with freshly crushed premium hazelnuts selected from our Italian producers, you can use them to enhance the taste of your ice creams and baked goods. They’re really a no-brainer: you can easily add them and mix them with your bases and expect no disasters whatsoever because they have just the right consistency. Discover more about the origin and quality of our raw materials and place your order with Mastro, a Master among suppliers for ice-cream parlours and bakeries. Our hazelnut paste for gelato, as well as all our products, knows no limits: it speaks all the languages in the world and reaches you wherever you are and whatever your job title in the catering industry is!

Hazelnut Pastes

Nocciola Piemonte IGP


Medium roasting hazelnuts "piemontese" origin, for a delicious pure hazelnut paste.

Nocciola Italiana Dark Roasted


Pure paste with a strong roasted hezelnuts from Italy.