Complete Gelato Bases

Since time, as you may have heard, equals money, we’re hellbent on helping you save some. That’s why we spent days and nights developing the weapon that will make you take the whole world over: a range of complete gelato bases that only need the addition of water or milk (depending on the product) to create creamy, smooth ice creams with all their curves in the right places. We bind ingredients together to form an ice-cream powder mix made up with just the right quantity of sugars, fibres, fats and all the elements that make up a gelato. We measure out all of this carefully so that you won’t have to think about anything else except adding a paste or toppings to your perfectly balanced artisanal gelato or ice cream. Hop on the gelato makers’ bus like a PRO with the help of Mastro’s Easy&Go line, comprising both white and fruit complete bases alongside with vegan-friendly soy bases!


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