Mastro Softygel

You’ve probably heard some of your customers saying that soft-serve ice cream is better than regular ice cream. No matter what side of the barricade you’re fighting on, why not give them an incontrovertible reason to say so? Yes, we don’t just care about gelato, even though we’re Italy born and bred: softies have a right to live too, and we want to make sure that everyone around the world can taste a top-notch one. Enters Mastro Softygel: the time-efficient solution to make airy, almost cloud-like, smooth soft-serve ice-creams that leave no room for regrets. As soft-serve ice-cream powder suppliers, we offer you the reliability and eye for quality we’ve developed working in this field for decades, together with the knowledge of what flavours, textures and feelings international customers are used to and wish to experience. Discover our softy ice-cream premix powders for real pros: easy to prepare, made with care and superb ingredients from Italy!


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