“Diva” is our line of soft-serve ice-cream bases devoted to the finest palates out there, stemmed from a passionate research into the darkest desires of ice-cream parlours customers all around the globe. It comprises refined bases made with the highest quality dark chocolate and fragrant gingerbread, that is to say the all-year-round starter kit for buying the trust of any kid! These softy ice-cream powders combine the smoothness of the ice creams obtained from our classic bases with premium ingredients and aromas – hence the “Diva”, because hey, these are precious treats that should be handled with velvet gloves. The “Divas” need to be added with water only (either hot or cold, as specified in the recipe you will be given), so they are completely lactose-free and suitable for vegans. Discover the creme de la crème of our softy mixes, and stock up with no worries: the shelf life is 36 months for all the products in this category.

Soft Serve "Diva"

Diva Dark Chocolate


A refined base for an exceptional dark chocolate gelato.

Diva Choco Ginger Bread


The goodness of chocolate and the delicious fragrance of ginger biscuits, combined to make you discover again that sweet taste of your home.

Diva Red Brown Chocolate


An incredible base for a soft chocolate gelato with reddish and fruity characteristics.

Diva Domingo Chocolate


The unique cocoa from Santo domingo, a base for a soft and creamy gelato.