Mastro Variegati

Feeling some Pollock vibes? Use your artisanal ice creams as a white canvas and let your artsy side free using Mastro Variegates, a range of ice-cream variegates that give colour and personality to your frozen creations. They can be easily spread even at very low temperatures, because they always remain soft, velvety and creamy. Alongside with classic variegates, variegates with crunchy details are also available to open up to you an impossibly endless series of combinations and unlock the hearts of your customers. Store these products as long as you want, up to 18 or 24 months depending on the specific type, and measure them out as your creativity and taste suggest you. Explore the sections in this category to know more about Mastro’s scrumptious variegates: we have a handful of winning cards for your ice-cream parlour, bakery or other business in the catering industry!


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