Achieve a formidable, crunchy covering for your frozen desserts by showering onto them one of Mastro’s ice-cream coatings: by instantly crystallising on the iced surface, they create a marvellously yummy layer that’s easy to crack even for the little ones’ teeth and makes it worthwhile sweating one’s soul off at the gym! Double dark and white chocolate, salty caramel, hazelnut coatings are the top players in this team of products: mix and match them with the variegates in our original and fruit lines to create whimsical, fancy flavours for your ice-cream parlour’s cabinets with just one splash of product. Thanks to a cutting-edge processing of raw materials, coatings can be stored up to 18 or 24 months, so there’s no need to hurry or worry: just get your batch supply and relax. We’re counting the minutes until you pick up the phone and call us to place your first order: we’re ready to smooth your slide into the heaven of ice-cream makers!


Stracciatella Fondente Magnum


Formidable double dark chocolate coating.



The fluidity of our chocolate coating for your classic and most famous italian "stracciatella".

Stracciatella Bianca Magnum


Extraordinary double white chocolate coating.



A tasty chocolate cream marble with exquisite pieces of crunchy wafers.