People who like yoghurt ice creams and softies most of all cherish their distinctive stinging flavour, but this is sometimes made milder by the usage of certain types of milk or other ingredients that overcome those thrilling acidulous notes. Mastro’s yoghurt taste enhancers help you bring out the flavour your customers so love without having to resort to artificial products: these little helpers of ours are all natural, easy to measure out and add to your ice-cream bases. They range from the slightly yoghurty to the royally acidic, so that you can choose yourself how big the challenge for your customers should be or even test out their preferences and see what works best. Mastro has travelled far and wide in the last 20 years and can help you research the market and have your ice-cream parlour’s pantry ready for what customers are going to ask. Check our products out!

Yoghurt Taste

Yogokon 15


Mastro Sapore Yogokon 15 has an intense taste of yogurt in a formula specially designed to meet your needs with a very low dosage yogurt powder.

Yo-Go 40


Mastro Sapore Yo-Go 40 is acidulous and has a delicious taste of a rich yogurt.



Mastro Sapore Yo-Go + has a very strong acidulous intense taste of yogurt.